13 December 2021 | REPORT
Editor: Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Contributors: Eric Ballbach, Eun A Jo,  Saeme Kim, Alica Kizeková, Myunghee Lee, Sohyun Zoe Lee, Françoise Nicolas, John Nilsson-Wright, Ria Roy and Szymon Zaręba

Having already celebrated the tenth anniversary of their strategic partnership, with growing bilateral cooperation, and in a post-COVID-19 pandemic environment, the time has come for South Korea and the EU to establish systematic cooperation in global governance. The multilateral system is currently under threat from both revisionist powers seeking to transform it and, to an extent, its main linchpin – the United States – where there are many who think that multilateralism does not benefit their country. South Korea and the EU, however, remain supportive of multilateralism. They have strengthened bilateral cooperation in a number of areas. And they both understand that post-COVID-19, multilateralism needs to increase. It is in this context that this reports seeks to present an analysis of areas of potential cooperation and actionable recommendations in five universal issue-areas which can only be effectively addressed multilaterally: democracy, health, human rights, human security, and trade.

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