17 March 2020 | REPORT

Contributors: Ugo Armanini, Dr. Nicola Casarini, Linde Desmaele, Dr. Alice Ekman, Maximilian Ernst, Dr. Mario Esteban, Bruno Hellendorff, Remy Hermez, Dr. Bjorn Jerden, Dr. Oskar Pietrewicz
Editor: Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo

What is the perspective of key EU member states towards South Korea? While EU-South Korea relations have attracted growing attention in recent years, the relationship between key EU member states and the Asian country remains underexplored. This report addresses this omission by describing and analysing the recent evolution of the relationship between Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden, on the one hand, and South Korea on the other. The report covers the areas of economic relations, security relations, bilateral relations and North Korea, and cultural relations.

This report was made possible with the generous support of Korea Foundation’s Support for Policy-Oriented Research Grant.