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Peacebuilding on the Korean Peninsula: U.S. and European Perspectives


How can the two Koreas move towards establishing a sustainable peacebuilding process?  Are they in the “driver’s seat” or are other external factors dictating the process?  How can the international community contribute to the peace process? Join the KF-VUB Korea Chair and the United States Institute of Peace on Wednesday March 24 at 16.00 PM for a panel discussion on U.S. and European perspectives on how to achieve peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, and whether similar processes in other regions provide any helpful lessons.

Connecting Eurasia: Views from Europe, Korea and Asia


Connectivity has moved from buzzword to reality. A few examples of this are the EU's Connecting Europe & Asia strategy, South Korea's New Southern Policy and Northern Economic Cooperation, and connectivity strategies from ASEAN. China and Japan also seek to build digital, infrastructure, energy and people-to-people bridges across Eurasia. What are the similarities and differences between the strategies of Europe, Korea and other Asian countries? Is there scope for cooperation between these strategies or are they bound to lead to competition and tensions? Join us on April 27 for a discussion on connectivity across Eurasia.

16th Jeju Forum for Peace & Prosperity: Reconsidering Arms Control with Nuclear North Korea


North Korea conducted its first nuclear test in 2006. Fifteen years later, Pyongyang is in possession of an estimated 30 to 60 nuclear warheads, which its missiles can potentially carry all the way to the White House. The Biden Administration is the fourth in a row in the US that has to contend with a nuclear North Korea. Both sanctions and negotiations have failed to solve the North Korean nuclear conundrum. And as long as North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme continues to be a problem to solve, peace on the Korean Peninsula will be but a dream. Could an arms control deal be the key to the resolution to North Korea’s nuclear issue and unlock peace between the two Koreas?

Brussels Korea Forum

Renaissance Brussels hotel

On 14th October, KF-VUB Korea Chair is hosting the Brussels Korea Forum at the Renaissance Brussels hotel. This is set to become the preeminent event for a Brussels and European audience to learn about and discuss Korean affairs. Our aim is for the forum to become the leading venue for policy-makers, researchers, academics and other interested parties to discuss Korean Peninsula security and South Korea-Europe relations, together with their Korean counterparts. 

Brussels Korea Forum

Stanhope Brussels hotel

KF-VUB Korea Chair is pleased to invite you to the annual Brussels Korea Forum on 29 September at the Stanhope Brussels hotel. The forum is the preeminent event for a Brussels and European audience to learn about and discuss Korean affairs.

Trilateral Trade Cooperation among the United States, South Korea and the European Union

Washington DC

The global trade environment has been increasingly uncertain due to de-globalization, protectionism, and regionalization of the global supply chains. Please join KEI, KIEP, the KF-VUB Korea Chair, and GWIKS for a discussion by former senior officials and experts on the policies necessary to address new trade issues.

Bridging the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Divide

Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Seoul

We are pleased to announce the third annual Asan-Brookings-VUB conference “Bridging the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Divide” taking place in Seoul. Following the 2018 edition in Brussels hosted by KF-VUB Korea Chair at VUB Brussels School of Governance and the 2019 edition in Washington D.C. hosted by Brookings Institution, Asan Institute for Policy Studies is hosting the next edition on 31st October, 13:00-16:40 KST. In the two panels, panelists will discuss the links among allies, partners and coalitions in the pacific and in transatlantic relations.